I really need a debit card

Hey meyhey my name is wenke and i’m from germany i’m in brazil for a long time and i need a debit credit card urgently

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I hope you are enjoying your time in Brazil, @Wenke1993. Fill out the form through the link below and download the app to begin. If you need any additional assistance, please let us know. Welcome to the Nubank Community! :wink:

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If you intend to have a high limit credit card right away, I think Nubank is not the right choice for you at the moment.

try to send proof of income and try again in a few months…

He intends to open an account and only use the debit function. :handshake:

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Credit cards are not common in Germany at all. High credit limits are also not common since credit cards are mostly only used for spending throughout the month.

I guess paying everything in instalments is a Brazilian thing.

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Then Nubank is the right choice!

Why not? He’s been in Brazil for a long time and maybe his credit history will help him to get a good credit limit! :smile:

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