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Hi #NuLovers

I came here today to steal a little of your attention to tell you the reason why I decided to give a chance to “Roxinho”.

when I heard about this digital bank through a friend, he told me all the benefits of fintech.
when my friend showed me the card, I fell in love because it was “Purple”, people I love purple.

I loved the color, and the benefits, today I accompany you through the emails I receive, even though I do not get much around here, I love and I accompany you via email.

congratulations to the fans that help to always provide new news of the red.

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Hi @DrySantoss!

Welcome to the purple world. :purple_heart:

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Thanks and Welcome!

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@DrySantoss Welcome!

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Hi @DrySantoss we are very happy to hear that. Welcome to the purple world and thank you very much :purple_heart:

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Добро пожаловать в сообщество.))

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Benvindo na comunidade!

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