Open 2 accounts with 1 CPF?


is it possible/allowed to open 2 Nubank accounts with same CPF?

No, it’s just an account per CPF

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The contract doesn’t allow more than one account per CPF. It also doesn’t allow more than one account per phone.

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So if Nubank is the best virtual bank in Brazil, which is on second place? C6? Inter?
I am asking, cause then my girlfriend should open an account for me on any other virtual brazilian bank. Could you please suggest one, which is nearly as good as Nubank?

I guess Inter comes right after in terms of products available, but there are a lot of complaints about their Customer Service which is troublesome. Same problem with C6, in a larger scale I would say.

Be sure you can open an account on those with your current documents, you should use your own papers instead of your girlfriend’s. Otherwise you might get in trouble for that.

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