Receive money from Europe (Revolut?)


is it possible in anyway to receive money from an European Bank on a Nubank account?
If I want to send money from Revolut I can select brazil, but I need to enter BIC/SWIFT code for recipient, but as far as I know Nubank does not have BIC/SWIFT, or!?

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Look this :point_down:

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Thank you! I did find international transfers in the app now. But obly for sending (enviar). The receive (receber) button is missing in my app. Why?

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Hello @mensa!
You need to select the button Continuar in the TransferĂŞncias Internacionais menu.
If you are registered on Remessa Online if not, please register, follow the step by step, you will find the receive (receber) button.

look at the pictures below:

Click here to open Remessa Online menu:

On next screen you will find the button receive (receber) select the blue button Receber Dinheiro

Choice the coin you want to receive your money:

And voilĂ .

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Hi @mensa. You can’t get overseas money directly into a Nubank personal account. You will need to use a company like Wise or Western Union to end the transfer itself. Or you can use the Remessa Online built-in shortcut like @Mr.Xis explained to you above.

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Thank you very much, but I stopped using Western Union for that, cause it is too expensive.

Which is the cheapest method to receive money on Nubank from Europe? Sender and recipient are the same, so the sum of all fees does matter.

I would say to use Wise or Remessa Online. They have a competitive rate! :handshake:

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Ok, thanks a lot!

Currently I use my DKB (german bank) credit card locally in Brazil where I can withdraw as much money as I have (and Revolut metal up to 600 EUR per month) for free at the ATM with fair FX (Interbank exchange rate). Then I deposit that cash money by Boleto to my Nubank account. I think that is the cheapest way to do it.
But it is some work…
Maybe do you have a better idea?

BTW: In Europe all that Fintechs like Revolut, N26, Vivid, etc. do allow fee free top up of the account balance by credit/debit card. Isn’t that common/available at brazilian online banks like Nubank?

It is extremely comfortable cause it’s instant available and free.

Well, probably this way is the most reasonable, and you avoid the spread rates!

Not yet, but it would be pretty handy this feature. :crossed_fingers:

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Do you know how long it will take from sending money in Europe via Remessa Online until the money is available on Nubank account in Brazil? Or is it instant?