BIC / SWIFT code of Nubank?


for an international transfer I need the BIC / SWIFT code of Nubank. Can you please tell it to me? I am afraid, that Nubank does not have one. But why?

Other banks like C6, Banco Inter, Itau, Banco do Brasil, Santander, etc. also does have one. So small online banks and also old traditional banks do have one. Why Nubank not???

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Nubank is different type of digital account (in legal terms, I mean). Accordingly to the FAQ, they still don’t have these codes for internacional transactions.

However, you can use other services like TransferWise or Remessa Online to do this. The last one is a partner company and there are some discounts applied if you use it directly from the app.

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Remessa Online offers excellent services and I’ve been using them for a few years. :ok_hand:

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Thank you, but both TransferWise and Remessa Online do charge fees.
The european bank account I have at Revolut does not charge fees for converting or sending EUR to Brazil in BRL, but it only does work if one can provide BIC / SWIFT :frowning:

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That’s true @mensa. I guess we will have to wait. Maybe Nubank will come up with something in a near future. Fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:

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As I told you, Remessa Online is a partner company, so you have some discounts by using it. For a while, they didn’t charged users at all, now they have a 50% discount.

You cant watch the tutorial on the post below.

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If I open a bank account at Banco Inter (they do have BIC / SWIFT) and send money from my european bank account to Banco Inter and then directly forward to Nubank it should also be free.
but do you know from what amount I have to declare the money somehow (origin) or the bank will ask questions?

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Remessa Online seems to not support to send EUR to BRL. Is this correct?

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I don’t think so, but can’t say for sure cause I’ve never used it before.

@Julian_Lopes use it more frequently, let me see if he can help you.

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Yes, you can @mensa. :euro: They might ask you for a few documents. If it’s a salary or a transfer related to business, they have a business version, but you should have a CNPJ. If you need assistance in English, contact them here:

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I need swif banck Please

Sadly, Nubank does not have it, @Marco_Sthilaire. Any international transfer must be made through a third party such as Wise or Remessa Online. :handshake:

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